NANOLINK is an industrial & trade integrated company which specialized in the filed for PET Solar Window Film & Paint Protection Film in china.

We have the Whole industrial chain of TPU film and PET film, with top coating production lines.

For PET window film, We are the manufacturer of Solar PET base film as well as the manufacturer of Inorganic NANO high heat insulation chip dyed base film.

And for TPU, We are not just a manufacturer of PPF in China, but one and the only one comprehensive group with a vertical industrial chain in inorganic nano-materials, from nano powder production, grinding and dispersion, wet granulation, and bi-oriented process.

Now we have 2 production base, 3 Laboratories and 34 patents. We offer professional OEM &ODM solutions and branding marketing support to clients.

We were awarded with the "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise” and “Shanghai Technology Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise”.

At present, products of NANOLINK have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, we committed to supply the global market consistent quality products at most competitive prices and professional service.



Nalinv production base is located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China, taking up an area of 66,600 square meters, with total investment of 500 million Yuan.

The first phase of production base under use takes up 42,000 square meters, The second phase of facility for 40,000 square meters are under construction

The first phase are mianly for

1.Nano metallic oxide powder preparation

2.Granding and dispersion of Nano materials

3.Wet granulation for nano master batch production

4.TPU PFF production

3 warehouses taking up an area of 800 square meter, sufficient quantity in stock, constant production, short lead time, and better cost saving

1. Before production: QC inspection for raw materials

2. During production: Spot-check for mass-production

3. Before Delivery: Fully inspection before Shipment

In the mean time, QC staff will make an record for disqualified products during each mass production, then feedback to our production team for improvement in formula or production process so as to enhance the quality